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Lonicera Tranquility

Lonicera Tranquility

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We live in a very hectic and sometimes unpredictable world. Relaxation, sleep renewal, and health blood pressures are very important for your quality of life, long term health, and daily well being. 

Millions of people around the world are not sleeping well, carrying anxiety, and experiencing many types of stress in their daily lives that produces a consistent reduction in their quality of life and productivity over time. 

It is estimated by the American Heart Association that over 100 million people in North America have high blood pressure due to many factors including the fast pace of today's world. Being able to manage stress, anxiety, and quality sleep patterns plays a big role in our daily lives.   


Tranquility is a powerful blend of Lonicera Caerulea and carefully selected all natural botanicals designed to support relaxation and restoration which in turn supports the management of anxiety, stress and by default, healthy blood pressure for millions. Lonicera Tranquility truly is the Ultimate Chill Pill!

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