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Lonicera Lift

Lonicera Lift

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In addition to containing powerful berry powders from Lonicera Caerulea and Maqui, Lift contains naturally sourced caffeine coupled with TeaCrine® which is ideal for anyone looking to increase their energy levels without negative side-effects.

Lonicera Lift contains a powerful blend of amino acids including Alpha GPC, a highly bioavailable form of Choline which can support focus, concentration, clarity and has a number of other health benefits.

Lift also contains a natural standardized compound derived from bacopa monnieri known to promote cognitive function. Backed by thousands of years of traditional use, bacopa monnieri, has been used in Ayurveda for a multitude of purposes, such as its nootropic effects promoting cognitive health.

Lift also contains the adaptogen rhodiola, and ATP making it one of the most advanced, healthy, energy, focus, and mental clarity products ever formulated. 

On day one you’ll feel it. On day two you’ll love it, and on day three you’ll be telling your friends about it!


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Capsules are vegetarian friendly.**

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